Saturday, August 15, 2009

TS Ana

At 0500 Atlantic Standard Time this morning, Tropical Depression Two became Tropical Storm Ana [Ah-na], the first named storm of the 2009 hurricane season. It is tracking westward at 16 mph with strengthening expected. Five day forecast could place it anywhere south of Havana Cuba to as far north as Jacksonville FL. So stay tuned.


Mike's America said...

5 day track puts it into the Gulf of Mexico so that lets me off the hook.

Glad they didn't name it "Anna." You might have had some explaining to do.

Anna said...

Oh Lucy, you have some 'splanin' to do...

So far the Carolinas are off the hook, some are probably having Andrew flashbacks though.

Why couldn't it be named for Al Gore, he is such a blowhard.

Anna said...

Oh wonderful I just noticed TS Bill is following TS Ana. I wonder where Hurricane Hillary is, still fulminating in Africa?

Mike's America said...

I spoke too soon. 14 hours later and Ana's track is shifting over to the Florida Gulf Coast:


Another day and it could be headed in my direction.

Mike's America said...

What happened to this storm? One day it was tracking towards Florida and it's gone entirely the next.