Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health Care Hudna

It seems the White House is now willing to drop any plans of a single payer option if it means they get some kind of health care reform. I am not going to drink the Kool-Aide on this press release.

Like those end of life discussions that were dropped from one of the proposed plans, same applies to this trial balloon. Both can make an appearance when House and Senate versions are reconciled. And then in the dark of night and before its even published online, President Obama can sign it into law.

This stunt is merely a tactical retreat in an attempt to lull the citizens into relaxing their guard. As history has proven, these progressives will not give up trying to turn the United States medical establishment into a clone of the failed USSR's or the faltering system in the United Kingdom. They tried and Ronald Reagan helped beat them back. Then Hillary Rodham-Clinton tried it during her husband's presidency and the progressives were soundly whipped.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


AndyJ said...

I read an article (Can't remember where) (Mist be time for my end-of-life discussion) that the end of life counseling was already signed into law. It was stuck in the stimulus bill by Daschell (sp?). If I fine the article, I'll send it.

Mike's America said...

Your understanding of this as a tactical feint is correct.

They'll just call the public option a co-op.

Anna said...

Daschle, slimeball needs to stay under rock.

Mike, they can keep trying to repackage, but a skunk still smells like a skunk.

Rides A Pale Horse said...