Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pondering Palin

The only thing more imponderable than contemplating how many angels dance on the head of a pin is how many conspiracy theories the loon left will concoct about why Sarah Palin is resigning from the Governorship of Alaska. All this proves is how warped these people are and the prism they see life through, its all about power to them.

For soon to be private citizen Sarah Palin and family, thank you for so long enduring the slings and arrows of outraged loons. None of you really volunteered for this abuse even Sarah Palin herself as she fought for what she believed was right as she served first all the voters of Wasilla and then all of Alaska.

As a final note, it has been over seven months and still no culprits in the arson and attempted murder of congregants at Wasilla Baptist Church have been apprehended. With that kind of hatred festering in some souls, lets pray they see the light and come forth to repent.