Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Anti Democrat

After the past few weeks I find it very hard to believe this man in any way supports the true concept of democracy. He talks about listening to the will of the people. But his actions to expand the executive branch's powers makes a mockery of that.

His stance, as a world leader, when Iran proved how corrupt their electoral process is and then followed it by killing their own citizens as they chanted 'Where is my vote?' adds further ammunition to these doubts. He feared that his country would be seen meddling and as an instigator of the unrest, so he has mumbled mealy-mouthed statements that have progressively sounded tougher but has never fully consummated the results of those words with substantive action. So the brutal thugs have continued to kill their own citizens who yearned for nothing more inalienable than personal freedom from religious tyranny.

Now we see a second piece of evidence in this man's handling of the crisis in Honduras. The current president of Honduras is barred from another term in office due to the Honduran constitution. When this man tried to get a referendum to the people with the intent of removing said term limit stipulation, ala what Chavez has done in Venezuela, the organs of the Honduran state said no. The legislature said no to the president. The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled against the president. When his supporters broke into where the referendum ballots were stored, the army finally stepped in at the request of the civilian government to arrest and expel Zel from Honduras. That does not sound like a coup does it? Sounds like the army stepping forward to support the legally elected government of Honduras against a domestic enemy. But how this man and the dictators named Chavez and Castro use the word coup, it sounds like Honduras has slipped back to banana republic days. In the case of Honduras, he has decided to meddle by cutting off all military ties between his country and Honduras even as Chavez threatens to invade Honduras. He is willing to turn a blind eye to an ally of over 20 years in the face of an external threat that wants to destroy Honduran democracy.

But looking back at the man's history, why should anyone be surprised at his anti-democratic tendencies. After all he used a legalistic trick to disqualify all the other candidates running for the office he desired. As a result Barry Hussein Obama got his first elected office.

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