Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Not So Silly

This July 4th in the United States may prove hotter than the usual 100 degree scorchers as Americans incinerate the hot-dogs and burgers on the grill. There has been some good news, the Iranians wont be over at our embassies casing them to celebrate our Independence Day. It seems they never RSVP'd Obama saying they would attend and in a snit Obama withdrew the invitation. Meanwhile hundreds of Iranians who would have liked to attend can't, they have been murdered by their own government as Obama has gone Milquetoast.

So what can add some extra sizzle to this holiday weekend? Dear Leader Kim of North Korea is threatening to serve some possibly nuclear hash onto the state of Hawaii this weekend with one of his ginormous missiles. His southern neighbor has been told to be ready for radioactivity.

What has the Obama Administration done about this possible grave threat to the health and well-being of American citizens? Both State Department and Defense Department are downplaying the risks. Which to me is very risky.

They are assuming a few things. 1. Kim's missile will fail like others before it. 2. Kim's engineers have not fitted it with a nuclear warhead. And 3. Even it if it stays intact and has a nuke Kim's people could not hit Hawaii with it.

Many people of the United States one time thought it could not be attacked successfully by another country because that nation's people were not creative, had poor oral hygiene, and horrible eye sight. So one morning in December that country proved the 'popular wisdom' terribly wrong and over 2,000 Americans paid for that folly with their lives. And here we have the Obama administration playing that same game over 65 years later and now with the entire population of Hawaii in the cross-hairs.

North Korea represents a looming threat to the safety and well-being of the United States. Unlike Pearl Harbor, with nuclear weapons one can not really afford to wait for the first blow. But that is what Obama and his administration is signaling by assiduously downplaying this missile launch.

If Kim's missile does stay together, has a nuclear warhead, the US Navy Aegis ships fitted for ABM duty miss, and it does hit anywhere in Hawaii; then the 1953 UN Armistice for the Korean War ends and the US will be at war with North Korea. For Obama to no nothing save run off to the UN after such an attack I think would fall under the category of treason.

"The rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our Flag was still there."


Rose said...

Amen to that.

Gird your loins.

Anna said...

Be prepared.