Thursday, July 02, 2009

Heroes and Zeroes

For the 4th of July, a story of the US Flag, some heroes, and a few zeroes.

All Ed Jordan wanted to do was fly his flags - the US one and one for his beloved United States Marine Corps. Alas some punks or jerks with too much time on their hands decided Ed Jordan's display was old fashioned. They proceeded to burn both flags and scatter them in his azaleas. A fellow neighbor also suffered the burnt flag syndrome.

But luckily there is another hero in this story besides Ed Jordan to save the day. Patrick Best, after serving two tours in Iraq with the US Army, had a flag that had flown over his base there. Hearing of what happened to Ed's original flag, Best has donated his flag to Ed.

"It has that much more meaning to know that somebody you've been praying for, this flag was flying over them," Jordan told WFAA.

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