Friday, July 03, 2009

Didn't I Write About This?

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) -- He looks like President Barack Obama, speaks like him, and even gestures like him, but he is not exactly the president of the United States. ... Disney calls the new President Obama figure "the most dynamic figure Disney has ever created." "We're very proud of the technological advances that allow this to make him come to life so realistically," Jacobson said.

Why yes I did, the Prompt Chancellor. Life imitating fiction or vice versa? But trust Disney to improve things, this one does not need a teleprompter like the live one does.


Tom said...

Yeah, but they both run off a program...

Anna said...

Alinsky's Rules for Radical Robots - Arrr!

Tom, how ya doing?

Pat said...

Anna, I vote #2. But Afghans will torture and kill him anyway. They are pigs.

Anna said...

Pat, #2 could be true. Will know as more info comes out.

They might be a bit miffed their captive NY Times journalist escaped and want payback. If same group has nabbed the soldier. If another group, than Wazirstan Rules of Tribal Hospitality apply.

Time will tell.