Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lotus Eaters

"A grown man knows the world he lives in." Pontius Pilate to Judah ben-Hur.

It seems the Western World suffers a shortage of such grown men at this juncture in history. How do I make this assertion? Well lets look at some datum shall we?

An oppressive totalitarian nation that is busily starving its people to death is preparing to aim a long range missile at Hawaii.

Another tyrannical regime is busily killing its own people as it rushes to complete a nuclear weapon.

We have an American legislature that is willing to pass laws who's length exceeds 1,000 pages without reading them and all in the name of expediency.

But the Western World is willing to stop in its tracks to honour a performer who's personal issues eclipsed what meagre contributions he offered to Western culture when that person dies.

AndyJ wonders where we are going? My optimism with every such display of navel-gazing diminishes. Will we, as Aeneid had to do, press on and leave the land of the lotus-eaters to find a new homeland? Or while we vainly try to warn them and to be ready, will we all suffer a cataclysm? The future is very cloudy on this issue with catastrophe being a surer bet right now.

Sic transit Logos, ave Mecca.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

Cap and Trade
North Korea
Gun Control
Move to socialism
Republican traitors
Racist SCOTUS nominee
CAIR distribution of Qur'ans

ALL just diversions from the REAL issue......


How insensitive of you.

Anna said...


Off to sensitivity training for me, group leader will be Nancy Pelosi. aacckkk!!

Legion said...

Bread & Circus's. The current ass-clown prez and congress will destroy us all, and we will be diverted by bread and circus's. Killer Clowns.

Anna said...

Killer Clownz, that explains Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. While the citizens snoozed, their freedoms were stolen. What an epitath.