Saturday, June 27, 2009


aka Democrat Health Care Program - thanks De

Like many Americans I skipped the President's ABC info-mercial, but it does not mean I ignore what he says. So the following passages made me sit up and take notice.
Obama said during the ABC Special on Wednesday night that a way to save healthcare costs is to abandon the sort of care that "evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve" the patent's health. He went on to say that he had personal familiarity with such a situation when his grandmother broke her hip after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Obama offered a question on the efficacy of further care for his grandmother saying, "and the question was, does she get hip replacement surgery, even though she was fragile enough they were not sure how long she would last?"
Here we see Barack Obama, the person, once again using his now deceased white grandmother to further his agenda by tossing her once again under the political bus. Even as Obama the President wants to give the United States the same medical care system of the United Kingdom and Canada where it is common for elderly to be denied life saving medical care due to a negative cost-benefit ratio based off limited funds available for medical services. in fact the system Obama seems to favor is the old Soviet system where the upper-class[Obama] gets the best medical treatment while everyone else, us, get a meagre rationed dollop of care called painkillers as the cancer eats our guts.

It is becoming an ever increasing moral imperative of all who value the sacredness of all life to stand up in opposition to policies that kill innocent people just for expediency and cost savings. Which means letting our voices and votes be heard in opposition to Obama and all of his supporters. We can stand up now and be counted to stop this or later we shall be counted out of the herd when our usefulness is done and the state decrees our end.


AndyJ said...

"It is becoming an ever increasing moral imperative of all who value the sacredness of all life to stand up in opposition"

Have you noticed that recently with the "stimulus", "TARP"' and Most recently "Crap and trade" that the ordinary people (Us) have burned up the congressional phone lines and e-mails in opposition to these pieces of crap we have stood up. And to what avail? The congress royalty vote the way that they want to vote or the way the way that their masters (not us) force them to vote, and it sure isn't for our benefit. The sad thing is that these examples of our new royal rulers don't care what the people think or want. They are much smarter than we little people. They know that no matter how badly they screw the American people and America, they will still be re-elected. What a shame that we have become such an ignorant nation.

Tom said...

So much for dignity and quality of life the Libs keep saying they want for us to have...

Anna said...

AndyJ and Tom. I hear you and well you have inspired another post to answer. Though tis not a cheery post, but possible reality.