Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Economic Parable

Now imagine We the People are at a Chinese buffett. Our rich uncle Obama says he will pick up the tab. So everyone is having a grand time. Now imagine 300 million people overstaying their welcome.

President of the People's Republic of China as manager. "Mr. Obama you promised to repay!"

Uncle Obama, "Relax, I will pay you in full."

Manager, "No, you and your people have been eating us out of house and home for over an hour!"

Obama, "Here is my Ultra-Platnium Deluxe Mastercard."

Manager, "No! That no good! Cash!"

Obama, "I am sure we can work this out to our mutual benefit."

Manager, "I want cash."

Abashed silence. Obama, "Well you see I don't have that much cash on me at the moment."

Manager gets red and really starts to scream at all the people eating, "Out! Out! You finished! You go home now!!!" People start to amble to the door, Obama following.

Manager grabs Obama's arm while other workers grab Pelosi, Reid, Gibbs, Geithner, Sebelius, and Rahm. "No you stay! You told us your money was good. Now you repay!"

And there for the next 20 years toiled Obama and his helpers to pay off the debt their glib promies brought about while the rest of the People had to accept a far lower standard of living and a Happy Meal became haute cuisine.


Sharku said...

Anna, ROR (raff out roud)

Rose said...

Obama, Pelosi et al thought they had the American Express Black Hole Card! Pay the Piper.

(credit to MSM)

Anna said...

Sharku, hahaha.

Roses - They forgot to read the fine print for it clearly states that it is an American Express Black Hole of Debt Card.