Monday, May 04, 2009

Darlin Arlen

It should come as no surprise that Sen Arlen Specter[D-PA] should be using the still warm corpse of Jack Kemp to further his petty political pursuits. After all Specter tried to defend Ira Einhorn in the gruesome murder of his erstwhile girlfriend Holly Maddux. Who's body counter-culture guru Einhorn had kept in a trunk in his apartment for 18 months, leaking downstairs and emitting foul odors until the police arrested him. It was Specter who secured the absurdly low bail of $40,000 on Einhorn that allowed Einhorn to flee the country just before his trial.

But for Arlen to now say if Republicans had not opposed medical research then Jack Kemp would be alive is so vile words almost fail me. The rank hypocrisy of a man rescued from the brink of death due to cancer by this same medical research to now utter such a malign assault upon a man who succumbed is reprehensible, it is sickening and craven.

Arlen Specter is a man of suspect morals that are determined by the winds of polls. His very presence in the chambers of the Senate should sicken all there for he is fore sworn, his given word is worthless. Specter needs to be run out of office on a rail.


Sharku said...

Truer words were never uttered Anna. The man has only one principle in his life, "keep my seat at the pork trough"

Rose said...

He - and every single person who voted to spend TRILLIONS on a bill they had never read - ought to be in jail.

We may never recover from what they have done.

Anna said...

He is lower than pond scum.

If you are too stupid to vote for something without readin the fine print, then you are actually more foolish than those poor souls sinking under their ARMs.