Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smart as Bricks

The drumbeat to destroy our quality of living continues as activists posing as scientists release more talking points and trying to pass them off as facts.

Lets start with that first quote of Susan Solomon, who does not live up to her last name when it comes to wisdom.
"I think you have to think about this stuff as more like nuclear waste than acid rain: The more we add, the worse off we'll be."
Right nuclear waste, this country is leaving it scattered all over the country at nuclear sites instead of putting it in a central repository because it could damage Yucca Mountain's water table. Obviously its not toxic enough to be a pressing issue to all the citizens living near those reactors. Acid rain? According to the 1990 released and Congressional authorized National Acid Precipitation Assessment Project[NAPAP] "acid rain should be 'viewed as a long-term problem' requiring pollution controls, but is not the environmental crisis some scientists have suggested."

UNIPCC report on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere: "Carbon concentrations in the atmosphere stand at 385 parts per million ... current projections put the world on track to hit 550 ppm by 2035, rising after that point by 4.5 percent a year."
What will this cause? Why droughts and famine of course. To rival the American Dust Bowl they say, mega-droughts no less. Which begs another question for these scientists, what caused the Dust Bowl? The carbon dioxide levels were far less back then than now, so I have to chalk this up to people using the wrong analogy to sell their point. I have been there before, but I don't have a doctorate though behind my name adding credibility. And of course they also talk of sea level rise of a whole THREE feet by the year 3000AD. After almost 40 years of Global Warming/Climate Change scare there has only been a rise of 0.1 inches in the sea level. That is a real crisis, let me tell you.

Then there is this quote: "The scientists noted that the world's oceans are already absorbing an enormous amount of carbon, but over time this will reach a limit and they will no longer absorb as much. As this happens, the atmospheric temperature will remain nearly constant."
So the temperature of the planet will stabilize without any human intervention I guess. Some theories suggest the Cambrian Mass Extinction was caused by a rapid, over thousands of years, rise in the Earth's temperature where all the sequestered methane in the shallow sea-floor came boiling out because the preceding rise of almost seven degrees allowed the methane to revert to a gaseous form. Very little life survived this extinction, far more survived the asteroid strike that helped wipe out the dinosaurs. So the scientists in the above quote are possibly wrong.

The biggest impediments to my believing this whole malarkey of Global Warming/Climate Change are pretty simple. The United Arab Emirates just had their second recorded snowfall. England is not growing grapes like they did during the Medieval Warm Period. And Greenland is still predominately ice covered. Patterson of the Univ. of Saskatchewan points out - And that role is still uncertain. Patterson points out that the Roman warm period about 2,000 years ago and the Medieval warm period circa 1000 AD were both considerably warmer than today. Other, older examples pre-date human civilization.


Wade Moline said...

I have been posting in various places how I was watching NASA tv earlier this month and they were showing looped satellite images of the Antarctic from the last 20 years. Despite the ice is melting cry I noticed that there was NO change to the amount of Antarctic ice. In other words, there was no massive shrinkage like is being claimed.

The only thing melting that I can see are the lies of the wicked witches, er scientists.

Anna said...

Wade, they hype to scare because they hope we keep feeding them money to make the enviro-boogey man to go away. Sounds like a snake oil salesman don't it?