Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Marine Aviation - WWII

Life Magazine snapped this picture of the Dauntless bombers of VMSB-241 flying over Midway Island. By June 8, 1942 many of the crews in this picture would be dead, fallen heroes stopping the Japanese onslaught in the dark days of the war in the Pacific. One such hero was Major Lofton 'Joe' Henderson who's Dauntless plummeted into the blue Pacific wreathed in flames as he lead the squadron to attack the carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Just a few months later at a jungle hell named Guadalcanal, the captured airfield would be named in his honor. And for almost another year, American aviators of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps would call that hellish place home as they blunted and then turned the tide against the Sons of Heaven.
If you want to find more images from Life Magazine, click on Images on the Google main page. Then type in what subject you seek and add 'source:life' so type 'Midway source:life' and you will pull up images about the Marine defenders of Midway Island just before the battle.

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Legion said...

Medic to wounded Marine Pilot in the jungles of Guadacanal- Do your injuries hurt? Marine- Only when I laugh.
Classic. That's the stuff we used to be made of.