Saturday, December 06, 2008

7 December 1941

Quoted from 7 December 1941 - The Air Force Story as printed in 1991 by the Pacific Air Forces Office of History Hickam AFB, Hawaii. 1991. Pg 133.

To You Our Fallen

The barracks now are silent
Where once your laughter rang,
The steel guitar is broken
Where around your bunks we sang.
As the stars give way to morning
In Oahu's cloud-swept sky,
Old Glory's proudly waving there
Seeped in heroes' crimson dye.
Can you hear us there in heaven
As the dawn patrol takes flight?
On silvery wings your memory soars
In holy freedom's fight.
The kona wind blows softly now,
The palm trees whisper low,
But all America will remember
When came this dastard's blow.
Let the Nipponese remember this,
As they cringe beneath the sky,
At Hickam's flaming vengenece
For you, the first to die!

Sgt W. Joe Brimm - Hickam Field

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