Thursday, December 04, 2008

Anthropological Observations

As automotive executives genuflect before a Congress known to give away more money than exists. And two lawsuits sit before the US Supreme Court questioning if Barack Hussein Obama is Constitutionally elligible to be President of the United States. And Al Franken strives oh so pitifully to overturn Coleman's lead, it is time to reflect on some observations.

"There is a human tendancy to transform substansive questions into procedural question; in effect, to negotiate reality." - F. XI

"Anthropoid family relationships seem to shape the way anthropoids understand a horde of other matters." - F. XV

"One cannot look at another's way of understanding the world without perplexity. It is as amazing a thing what humans will think cannot be changed as what they think can be. And the connection between such thoughts and actions is peculiar." - F. XVI

-- Selected chapter headings from Beyond Humanity by Justin Leiber, 1987, TOR.

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