Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chicago Horse Trading

or 'How much for that Senate seat?'

Patrick Fitzgerald, the much bally-hoo'd hero of the Plame Affair who was supposed to give many Bush hating people a Fitzmas, just might have given anyone not in the Illinois/Chicago political machine today a real stocking stuffer.

The Governor of Illinois was arrested today and the indictment is a real eye-opener on how brazen the lust for power and money runs through this guy's veins. Willing to sell his appointment for Obama's now vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder. Things like putting his wife on some corporate board so she can earn a lot of money and perhaps for the Governor a nice Cabinet position inside the Obama Administration.

What's even more disturbing, these recorded comments come after it was known Fitzgerald had Tony Rezko talking about the inner workings of the Illinois Democratic machine. Talk about brazen, I guess Gov. B thought he was encased in Teflon. I think this stink and offal is gonna stick and he will be in Club Fed real soon.

And, as per SOP, President-elect Obama was shocked and saddened by this whole sordid affair and told reporters he had no conversations with the Governor on who would get the vacant seat. So it should prove interesting who turns out to be the un-named source identified as being from DC who was horse-trading with Gov. B over the vacant seat. A new Deepthroat perhaps?

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