Monday, September 01, 2008

The Treehouse

In case anyone has missed it, some 'racy' pictures of Gov. Sarah Palin have surfaced on the Internet and are being breathlessly peddled to assassinate her reputation. There are just a few problems.
  • The black&white picture of a young and nude Sarah Palin is actually a picture of the young actress who would later play Elaine on Seinfeld.
  • As for the Photoshopped picture of her face on another woman's body in a white blouse with almost all the buttons undone and the mini-skirt, the reaction I am getting from guys is this: so where is the calendar?
The good old boys of the DNC and their followers don't want a successful Republican woman joining that exclusive tree house up on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And they are willing to stoop to anything to keep her out. Sell their honor, their credibility, and even their souls.; all are viable options to these people. To destroy an honest and successful politician who happens to be female. Now who has a closed mind and feels threatened?

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