Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav Impending Landfall

The estimated time of landfall has gotten earlier than last night, now it is expected to be 10:00AM Central time. Location is about the same as last night, Plaquemines or Lafourche Parishes. More good news is the strength of the winds has stayed at 115mph and not picked up. And it is still moving fast at 16mph. It looks like Gustav is going to rush ashore as a weak Category 3. I am watching the NWS radar from New Orleans and seeing the rain bands swirl around the eye. All of the Alabama coast is under Tornado Warnings. So the folks who decided to stay in the coastal areas are getting hit with tropical storm winds of upto 39mph while the southwestern tip of Louisiana are already being hammered by hurricane force winds.

It is good that roughly 90% to 95% of the residents of New Orleans have left the city since the lakes and levees to the east of the city are going to get hit by the strong storm surge and winds of Gustav. The Big Easy is probably in the fight for its life more so today than during Katrina. Time will tell, hope I am wrong and the rebuilt levees hold and so to the pumping stations. Remember the workers who are staying at their posts to make sure the pumps run. Pray for the police, Guard, and first responders who are hunkered down all across the Gulf Coast. And for those people who decided to stayed put, which includes my family members, you know I am praying for you while wishing you had gotten out even when it was not mandatory because all of you wisely don't live in the flood zones.

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