Monday, September 01, 2008

More on Gustav

Just talked with family still on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They saw some heavy rain last night with winds. This morning, gusts of wind and some more rain. No damage to report and they still have power.

Biloxi is reporting wind gusts over 40mph. Pass Christian is just reporting a few trees down and some water on Highway 90. Waveland has a tornado warning posted.

Landfall of the eye is still a little bit away. Gustav has lost some wind speed, down to 110mph and Category 2. Looks like the eye will hit south of Galliano. Speed of the storm is still reported at 16mph. Please Gustav keep zipping on by.

Update 0915Central. Locally the conditions are overcast. Higher clouds I see scooting west about 20mph. Getting gusts of wind, perhaps 15mph tops. Plus a very lite sprinkle of rain. Everything is very quiet, even the animals are silent.


Mike's America said...

Hanna blew on by with barely a how do you do...

I needed the rain.

Anna said...

Glad Hanna was such a no-show. All eyes are on Ike now and Josephine has become French - full of wind and nothing much else.