Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Double Standards Anyone?

Dana Summers hits a grand slam with this cartoon. I am so disgusted at the vermin who claim to be caring humans that have been behind all the attacks and smears against Gov. Palin, I am close to declaring anyone who says they are a Democrat persona non grata. Just a little bit more slime against Bristol and I am there.
And for the thieves who have Gov. Palin's Social Security Number, have fun with your visits from the FBI and Secret Service. Plus civil lawsuit from Gov. Palin herself. And if anyone uses her number to buy stuff, identity theft comes into play. Word of advice, shred this and bleach your brain to forget you ever had her SSN.


Mike's America said...

I think that cartoon says it all.

Anna said...

Classic tribalism almost. 'Well she does everything we say we are about, but she is not one of us. So we must attack her.'

Obviously the women of NOW supporting Obama have not come that far after all.