Thursday, September 04, 2008

She Has Arrived

As Rudy Giuliani tore through his speech with humor and biting wit, one got a bit nervous as to whether Gov. Sarah Palin's speech could be any good.

Well we needed not to be concerned. She proved she had a heart when she talked in warm terms about raising Trig. Gov. Palin used a story describing the life of President Harry Truman to describe how she was raised in a small town. She took the elite media head on and called them out, saying she is not seeking their approval. She is going to Washington to fight for the voters. She then proceeded to deconstruct the mystique of Sen. Obama's accomplishments and plans. She asked how raising taxes will help her sister run a business. She highlighted that he has written two books but never passed a single law. And the smackdown kept rolling. All delivered with poise and wit. She also talked about Sen. McCain and describe him as the only man running who has actually fought for his country.

If Gov. Palin keeps this wit and poise during the next 60 days, Sen. McCain will be President and she will be well on her way to being the American Iron Lady. While Sen. Obama will go back to being the junior Senator from Illinois and his Styrofoam Grecian pillars will be used at countless weddings. Or perhaps she will live up to her self-selected moniker when she said the only thing different between a hockey mom and a pit bull - lipstick.

I am impressed and very happy with this selection for VP by Sen. McCain. Go Sarah!

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