Thursday, June 05, 2008

The O at the Centre

Will it take live images of Barack Obama holding a bag of stolen money before some people realize this man is tainted rather badly? His ability to judge character is very suspect.

The college professor who hosted Obama's first fundraising party for public office is an unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist who escaped prison time due to procedural screw-ups. We have another ally of Obama's, a chap named Rezko, who was just convicted of various federal crimes. A pastor who peddles a Cold War psy-op of the KGB's as Gospel truth who was reluctantly repudiated by Obama after twenty years attending Trinity. Speaking of Trinity, that church has now been repudiated by Obama; the church his wife attended first, then Barack attended, the place where they were married and had two children baptised, and where the Obamas's tithed thousands of dollars. We can't forget Michelle Obama saying she was finally proud of America because her husband was running for President. Nor should we forget a key campaign strategist who dared to call Hillary a monster was swiftly sacked.

For the likes of Rezko, Obama is shocked and saddened by it. Ditto for Wright, Trinity, and that strategist. When will people stop giving Obama a pass, we are seeing a continuing pattern of unsound judgement; seemingly the only consideration is how this person will help Obama in the short-term acquire more power. A pattern one sees is thus: once the political millstone becomes too great, that person is jettisoned to save the SS Obama. Time will only tell if Ayers and Michelle will hang on.

Dick Morris calls it right in this closing paragraph:
I doubt that this election will be close. Either Mr Obama or John McCain will win it in a landslide, depending on whether or not Mr Obama can fulfil his existential mission of explaining to the American people who he really is.

If its by the people he associates with, then the United States should be repulsed by Barack Obama. If its by his legislative record on things like stripping away people's right to self defense as an Illinois state senator or trying to give the UN 0.7% of the US GDP to fight poverty, then the voters of this country should recoil in horror. Or about his diplomatic skills of wanting to invade Pakistan or talk with Iran unconditionally, voters should be disgusted. I think Barack Obama has already explained to America and the world what kind of person he truly is, one that is unfit for the office he now holds and which he neglects in an attempt to stroke his ego by gaining more power. Barack Obama needs to be sent packing this November as a strong rebuke that America does not need another neophyte who has accomplished nothing except write a couple books and get elected. Jack Kennedy was a war hero who put his life on the line for his men. At least Al Gore and John Kerry did go to VietNam along with John McCain. Obama has never got his boots on the ground to visit troops in Iraq, Hillary Clinton has been to see the troops.

And yet Barack Obama seems to be limping towards being the Democrat Party's Presidential candidate. The world of the Democrats is truly mad it seems. May sanity reign in November and voters of good conscience show at the polling places in droves.


Mike's America said...

"Mr Obama can fulfil his existential mission of explaining to the American people who he really is. "

Dick Morris should have said Obama needs to convince the American people he is someone other than who he is.

Obama has a great many people fooled into thinking that despite his evident character flaws he would be a good president because he occasionally makes a good speech.

Hitler gave good speeches too and so did Bill Clinton.

P.S. You weren't rambling. The reason my post was so short is that I have covered Obama five ways to Sunday already.

Anna said...

Bill Clinton could 'feel' your pain and then when the cameras turned off, laugh like a good ol boy.

Obama is trying to peddle himself as someone he is not. But with vocal eruptions from the likes of Wright and Pflegar and conviction of one of his first political backers; Obama has been triangulated by the company he keeps.

I know you have covered the Obamatron extensively but we got to keep at it for the trush to get through all their shields.