Saturday, June 07, 2008

Monty Python - Predictor of the Future

From the movie The Meaning of Life comes this cheerful skit about live organ donations. Pay no attention to the nippers and saw.

Mrs Brown: Makes ya feel insignificant don't it?
John Cleese as Ambulance chap: Can I have your liver?
Mrs Brown: Oh I guess.

Why am I even bringing this up? Well it seems the city of New York has gotten a three year $1.5 million federal grant to study the concept of having an organ donation ambulance speed to the scene of cardiac arrests, wait for the normal ambulance crew to give up their efforts, chat up the shocked and grieving relatives, and once permission is received to keep the body alive until the organs can be harvested.

Talk about an idea that does not need to be pursued. And who wrangled this federal grant? I bet it was a committee earmark parachuted in without debate by someone from the Empire State in Congress. Like when the University of Alaska got millions of dollars from Sen. Stevens to buy a super computer for the purpose of researching the idea of harnessing the Northern Lights for energy, the folks in New York are not going to say no even as they admit to all the ethical and perceived problems this project will invoke. Like if the person was white and rich, the normal ambulance crew would not give up. Plus dealing with shocked relatives right after the death, talk about people not in their right minds. Or for a real civil rights suit, what if the donation ambulance carts off the body of someone who's religion forbids such actions by mistake?

New York City, please return the money to the federal government. Just think if that $1.5 million was spent on more automated defibrillators that can be deployed around the city? How many lives would be saved that way? Focus on saving lives, instead of feeding off death like some carrion crows.


Mike's America said...

That Python clip is exactly how goulish the NYC idea is.

How repulsive and insensitive to ask someone to make a donation of an organ to a grieving family under those circumstances and then keep the "deceased" on life support.

But what else would you expect from libs who have no respect for human life (unless it's to use as a political football).

Mike's America said...

P.S. The BBC America channel has released a remastered version of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Much better quality than the old ones.

Anna said...

Serving up population control one ambulance at a time, that is the Dems of today. Plus once dead, they can then vote Dem forever.

Mike, I really dont know if I could handle some of those skits in say high-def. Gilliams cartoons, oi. What next Biggles in high-def?

Legion said...

Gives new meaning to the term- Bite Me! Owch