Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Democrat Denouement

As it appears Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will finally bow out of the hotly contested bid to become the Democrat Party's nominee for President, lets look at basic personalities of the contenders.

When things blow up for Sen. Clinton, she gets down and dirty. She will fight for what she believes is hers. And until Sen. Obama showed up, Clinton thought the United States belonged to her. She thinks it was owed her by having to put up with her husband, the canoodler-in-chief, for eight years.

Now Sen. Obama is just a bit different. As he talks in abstracts to his adoring supporters, his loyal minions are busily sacrificing anyone or anything that stands in the way of Obama becoming President. Look at who has been tossed on the altar of political expediency recently: his grandmother, his pastor, and now his church.

I must congratulate the DNC and Howard Dean for picking the weaker candidate, again. And how terribly poisoned has the ground become upon which the Democrats have erected their party tent due to this? How many John Kerrys must the Democrats suffer before they toss out their incompetent leaders?


Anonymous said...

Legion says: AS MANY UNTIL THE PARTY GOES OUT OF BUSINESS! Demorats have been around too long- go the way of the Whigs.

Anna said...

Legios, be nice if the Democrats, err Progressive Regressives, would go out of business. But I seriously think they got buried in the federal budget subsidies to keep themselves going. Like their voting block.

Mike's America said...

Don't get your hopes up Legion. It appears that our side hasn't learned the lesson of 2006 and is still dissing the base of conservatives without which we cannot win.

Our only hope is to hold the White House with a candidate who many feel eptimozies that problem with conservatives.

Fortunately, the other side nominated one of the most liberal, inexperienced goofballs of all time.

Anna said...

Not a goofball, a whole new word will have to be invented. The Obamagoof might work.