Friday, May 23, 2008

No Agenda Here

Todd McFarlane is officially a moonbat - lunachiraptor artiste sub-species to be precise. How can I say this, please watch the following cover of Genesis's classic song Land of Confusion by the band Disturbed. This animated music video was done by Todd McFarlane.

There is only one passing reference to Islamic terrorism in this musical diatribe. Instead this video sets out to portray the whole Western or First World as the true emissaries of evil. All the weapons of oppression are AH-64 Apaches, M-1 Abrams, S.2 Buccaneers[uh hey Todd the Brits retired them after the end of Operation Granby/Desert Storm], F-5E Tiger IIs[now only flown by the likes of Saudi Arabia as anything like front-line equipment], and UK Challenger tanks to name a few. The soldiers are all in black with the caps common to Waffen SS, made inhuman by the gas-masks they wear. Jackbooting a child's doll is one of the boxes checked off to prove how bad the oppressors are. The big boss is defeated at the end by suffering the Gulliver treatment before the masked 'hero' does a super-powered punch. And all the destruction is magically erased by defeating those evil greedy capitalists.

I am glad I never purchased any of his various figures, especially his Military figures series.

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