Friday, May 23, 2008

Gun Post

Been meaning to put these links up, but other stuff kept me from doing it. RAPH from LGF sent these to me. Lucky guy got to attend a very special gun meet in Cheyenne Wells Colorado back on May 5th. How special was it? Try mini-guns, machine guns, and other things that go boom. RAPH says he had a blast. No doubt, actually I think that is an understatement as the following videos show.

Women popping rounds. First on the hit parade of this video is the M-134 minigun firing .30cal ammo. Lots of ammo. Gatling guns do not sound like normal guns as this video proves. Next weapon to be shot is a US Army WWII 37mm anti-tank gun, these were light enough that they could be hauled behind a Jeep and the people in the Jeep would serve as crew. And finally, the mother of all machine guns, the Browning M-2 .50 cal heavy machine gun. And please note the PA voice telling shooters not to shoot at airborne targets. Oh my.

For those who really like their machine guns to come from the Axis side, here is one gent with a German MG-42 light machine gun. Rate of fire if he had enough ammo that did not jam, try 800 rounds a minute. And many Allied soldiers still rushed these machine gun nests to silence them.

While the award for a really big boom has to go to this cannon. Notice after being fired, the spades on the spread out arms have dug in due to recoil. I think this one is a 57mm British anti-tank gun from WWII.

Then there are groups like this bunch of WWII re-enactors. I wonder when they will scrounge up an 88mm? Achtung ein Hetzer! To rescue a supine Europe from Festung Europa, there are Allied re-enactors also with a nifty collection. Which seques nicely into remembering this is Memorial Day weekend, which has more meaning than cookouts.

Thank you Ride A Pale Horse for inspiring this post.


ANdyJ said...

I went to the WWII re-enactment in Lowell Indiana the first of May. Very well put on, especially the guy who played Roosevelt. A mirror image


Anna said...

AndyJ glad you had a good time. How big a turnout was it? Cook the hot dogs and generally enjoyed a classic American weekend?

ANdyJ said...

It was a pretty good turnout, even though the weather was not very good, cold and very WINDY. Good battle re-enactments and many camps to wander through with LOTS of equipment.
No hot dogs, goes against my vegetarian philosophy

Anna said...

Well I dont eat hot dogs either, the perils of explaining to an impressionable youngster what actually goes into a hot dog turned me. Though wurst I will still gobble down, go figure.

Still I am glad you had a good time.