Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh FARC! Its True!

Venezuela is a state sponsor of terrorism according to Interpol. The international police organization has ruled the files on the laptops recovered from Colombia's raid into Ecuador have not been tampered with. President Hugo Chavez's government has been more than a vocal supporter of the outlaw terrorist group FARC it seems.
More than a dozen internal rebel messages detail several years of close cooperation between top Venezuelan and FARC officials, including rebel training facilities on Venezuelan soil and a meeting inside Venezuela's equivalent of the Pentagon.

The report chides Colombia for some breaches of accepted computer forensics, which I expect the slobbering Chavez supporters to latch onto in a vain attempt to keep denying a reality as obvious as the colour of the sky, but goes on to say nothing contained on the three laptops, external drives, and USB drives was tampered with.

How much data was recovered from this raid that saw one of FARC's chief killers killed?
The drives contained a vast trove of information — 610 gigabytes of data including 210,888 images, 37,872 written documents, 22,481 Web pages, 10,537 sound and video files, 7,989 email addresses and 452 spreadsheets, Interpol said. Ten Interpol computers ran nonstop for two weeks to crack the 983 files that were encrypted, Noble said.

So expect even more revelations to emerge that will probably shock and embarrass many people worldwide as they are exposed as terrorism supporters. Almost 8,000 email addresses to run through. And I have to wonder if those 983 encrypted files have more bombshells like the 60 pounds of depleted uranium deal. Not to mention safe house locations and bank account information.

I find it interesting in the INTERPOL press release, they offered to meet with Ecuador and Venezuela twice and since the press release fails to mention any positive response, one is forced to conclude their offer has been rebuffed by both countries. Now who are the outlaws in this incident again?

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