Saturday, February 09, 2008

Queen Hillary Connips

It seems the Queen and her philandering Prince Consort have wrapped the ermine trimmed vermillion cloak of victimhood around themsevles again. They are taking umbrage at how one news scribe has dared to say the Clintons, re: Hillary, has pimped out their daughter Chelsea for the campaign.

I really don't know how that guy could come to such a conclusion. Chelsea has only attended political rallies for her mother. Had a student outreach meeting at Stanford to discuss her mother's campaign that the college at large was not invited to. So Chelsea has become a very visible part of Sen. Hillary Clinton's attempt to ride her husband's 'record' in office to secure the very same office for herself.

If the media can take pot shots at Barbara and Jenna Bush for being the President's daughters, then MSNBC and the press should be allowed to take pot shots at the adult Chelsea Clinton who, after all, is no longer the teenager in the White House who needs to be shielded from the press. I would think this would be something like a Fairness Doctrine.