Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Makes Ya Go Hhmmm

Just took a phone call, I was expecting a call from a friend. Instead got a pollster on the line. I did resist urge to just hang up.

First she asked if I had the time to answer the poll, I said sure while thinking it would be like thirty questions that included such silly things as belief in universal health care. So she mentions that next month is the special Congressional election that is happning, which explains all those little signs sprouting up to crowd out the Ron Paul sign-weeds.

The question I was asked, would I vote in the Republican or Democratic primaries for this Congressional seat. I toyed briefly with answering Republican followed by a blistering commentary on how feckless Democrats have become. Instead I said Democrat and the phone poll quickly ended.

Just makes you wonder who was pushing what and how useless such polls are when people game them. I wonder if I helped move some candidate's political troops to the Balkans to defend against a non-existent threat?

Oh well, onwards and upwards for the results of this Stupor Tuesday.

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