Friday, February 15, 2008

About dem Candidates

Stumbled across this on YouTube, it was at the top so its being pushed. Using figures of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock to argue who is better: Obama or Clinton.

It is an amusing look into the 'psychology' of their supporters. I won't comment on the whole thread about Obama having to learn to be black, that is too funny in itself to rate further comment. But what I find truly amusing is their swipe at the Bush Presidency by invoking that hoary chestnut called the Prime Directive. Kirk can not gripe about someone violating such a directive when he is famous for violating it to save his ship. Anyone remember the Feeders of Vaal. Or the Return of the Archons. So after once again vanquishing her nemesis, exit stage left our hero.

Onwards to Denver where the delegate fight will commence that will rival the Earth-Romulan War.


Timothy said...

The irony I find is that the logical one is trying to argue logically that being he "wife" of bill clinton brings her experience, especially 35 years of experience. All the experience she really has is trying to control the "bimbo eruptions" which she hasn't done very well. Take her so called experience out of he equation, and she is as empty as he is.

Anna said...

Timothy, I know I know. To vapid panderers rooting around to become panderer in chief.

But its very very funny that the 'height' of Democratic debate is the discussing of their candidates pros and cons by Christmas tree ornaments.

I find that quite illogical.