Friday, February 15, 2008

What does Obama stand for?

First he wants us to pull out of Iraq unless we want to go after Al Queda plus guard our embassy.
Second, invade Pakistan. As if that country does not have enough problems without those Imeprial American mercenaries jackbooting their country.
He is all for letting the telecomm companies swing in the breeze due to lawsuits when such agencies as the NSA, with warrants in hand via FISA, ask to monitor net traffic to catch terrorists.
And the most fun of all; Sen. Obama, with help from Sen. Biden, is trying to fast track to vote a bill that would hand over 0.7% of the US GDP to the UN to fight poverty. According to the CIA Factbook in 2006, the US GDP from $13.3trillion. Plus this lovely little bill will make the US a signatory to the Kyoto Protocols and put American servicemembers under the judicial fiat of the World Criminal Court.

With a record like that, all the Obama lovers will get what they desire most - Change. The US standard of living will plummet due to Kyoto enforcement. What Kyoto does not kill due to higher operating costs will be massacred by the higher taxes raised to support the 0.7% of the GDP being fed to the UN. Soldiers and sailors will be hauled before foreign courts to be tried under their definitions of war crimes. And least we forget, as I almost did, this bill will also seek to limit or abolish the private ownership of guns.

Please Democratic delegates in Denver, saw no to this guy. He is Jimmy Carter wrapped up with Michael Dukakis. A disaster for your party and a disaster for the nation. But it seems this Pied Piper of the Abyss has many enthralled with his song of change. "No angel born in Hell could break this Satan's spell."


Anonymous said...

Right on the mark Anna. This Pied Piper needs to be tripped up fast!

Myrtus said...

To me he sounds all make believe and not enough substance to keep this country from going flat broke.

Anna said...

May his own silver tongue trip him up then.

And Myrtus, LOL I suddenly have this picture of Obama as the Cotton-Candy Man. Looks all sweet and yummy, but no matter how much you eat you are never full. And eventually end up with an upset stomach and cavities.