Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mixed Signals

I am having alot of trouble understanding the candidates decisions on people endorsing them. Two have gone for the Hollywood treatment and this has deepened my puzzlement.

First we have Chuck Norris, star of Walker Texas Ranger fame, endorsing Huckabee. For a guy who played a CIA mercenary named Hunter in the movie Invasion U.S.A. where he single-handedly saves the southern United States from an external invasion to supporting an open border advocate for President just proves the star does not match the characters he plays.

To reinforce this point, the McCain team reached out to another star to buttress their election campaign. To whit, one Sylvester Stallone who is famous for two characters: Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. If he was only known for Rocky, hey that is cool since Rocky is this average joe from Philly who overcomes incredible odds to become a champion prizefighter. Its John Rambo that is the problem. Rambo is everything Hollywood thinks a VietNam vet is: homeless, alienated, searching, and incapable of fitting back into society. Which is worlds apart from John McCain, a real VietNam vet and proud survivor of the Hanoi Hilton Bedbug and Torture Tour Package.

That both camps are reaching out to Hollywood and finding such odd support leads me to one disturbing conclusion, both camps think style counts for more than substance.


Timothy said...

Yes, for the politicians, style does count more than substance. But both those actors supposedly appeal to the Bubba voters. That being the case, it's a smart move since both those candidates need help in the Bubba factor.

Anna said...

We shall find out Super Tuesday if the voters are swayed by cinematic action heroes. If so, they and Oprah will be the downfall of the Republic while proving the Founding Fathers' paranoia about fully trusting the vox poli