Saturday, January 26, 2008

Inspector Clouseau Award

A prime candidate has violently nominated himself in Afghanistan for this not so coveted award named after the famous French police inspector who solved more crimes by accident than ever by force of intellect or reasoning.

A would-be suicide bomber was on his way to blow up the dedication ceremony for a new Mosque when he tripped. This led to premature detonation of his bomb and a very messy demise. I guess Allah willed this Mosque to open and no human was going to interfere with it. How can I say this, well only the bomber died and no innocents which means his chances of getting 72 dates/virgins are Zero.

On serious note, this death and a previous self detonation might be a trend of hardship for the Taliban. One bomb detonated while the idiot was putting it on and in this case, when the guy tripped. So we have to wonder if the skill of the Taliban bomb makers has declined and has resulted in the creation of defectively lethal bombs. Which means the Coalition in Afghanistan has been successful in its battle against the Taliban.


Mike's America said...

Anna: You remember that animated GIF cartoon of suicide bomber training?

The guy says something like "I'm only going to demonstrate this once" before he blows himself up.

I've been looking all over for that and can't find it.

Mike's America said...

Never mind... found it!


Took me almost an hour to find it but I dug up a bunch of other good stuff along the way so it wasn't time wasted.

Anna said...

Mike, LOL! So that is where Achmed the dead terrorist came from... 'Silence! I keeelll you!!!'

Glad you found other good stuff to go with that good cartoon.