Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Just A Drug Dealer.

With those words, Harry G. Wilson probably cemented his name in the annals of the dumbest criminals.

As this Times-Picayune article relates, it was just another day at the Slidell branch of the Bank of Louisiana on Wednesday. Then things got exciting, weird, and in the end hilarious. Two men entered the bank and it turns out one of them had robbery in mind. Everyone in the bank, upon learning it was a robbery, acted accordingly and tried to respond to the robber's demands. Then the other man jumped the robber as the teller started to hand over money and a scuffle ensued. So the would-be robber fled from the bank without any ill-gotten gains and the guy who fought the robber was hailed as a hero.

That is until the police were interviewing him and noticed he had crack cocaine in his mouth. Further expamination of one Harry G. Wilson revealed he had a crack pipe on him also. So now Harry is in jail on drug charges while the would-be robber is on the lam being sought by the police and FBI.

How did Harry get mixed up in this? It seems the robber owned Harry money for drugs and the guy said he just needed to withdraw some money from the bank. So to make sure he got his money, Harry followed the scoflaw into the bank just expecting to be handed money. Instead he got caught in a bank robbery which was too much for his sense of honor. After all Harry is just a drug dealer, not a bank robber.

Poor Harry.


Mike's America said...

Another product of the public school system?

Timothy said...

That is hilarious. Hey, drug dealers have honor too!

BTW, I was witnessing to a man that manufactured meth, trying to get him to see his need for the Savior since he was a sinner.

He responded, "Hey, I'm not sinner. I do good things too."

My jaw dropped and it was everything I could do to keep from yelling: "Yes you are. You destroy peoples lives by making drugs!"

Yes, another product of the public school system.

Anna said...

Well Timohty, if there is even the smallest spark of honor, then perhaps Harry will get his life in order and sin no more. Lets hope that happens to Harry and your meth supplier.

Mike, you mean both are products? Probably. Since it seems neither was prepared to be a productive part of society.