Saturday, January 26, 2008

Military Trivia

Just to take a break from observing all the politicians running around currying favor, lets try some trivia shall we?

  1. Which US aircraft carriers were briefly designated CVB? What did the B stand for?
  2. What was the call sign that signalled the start of Operation Torch?
  3. Which pre-WWII US aircraft carrier never saw action in the Pacific?
  4. The WWII Luftwaffe was famous for very complex aircraft designations like Bf-109F-4/Z/Trop. Any takers on what that means?
  5. Not to be outdone, the US Navy also had some lulus like the AD-4NA Skyraider. Anyone?
  6. Which escort carrier[CVE] was Kaiser's bonus baby flattop for the US Navy?
  7. In WWII, how many times did the Imperial Japanese Navy seize US warships?
  8. True/False. Did the Royal Navy look into building aircraft carriers out of ice in WWII?
  9. In Fleet Air Arm parlance, what is a Martlet?
  10. Which Army Air Force mainstay was called a PBJ in Navy/Marine Corps service?


Don Meaker said...

Bf stands for the designer, Bavarian Flugzug. We know them as BMW today.

109 is the Luftwaffe designation for the design. E or F would be designations within that basic type. Trop would be Tropical modifications.

Later, the Bf-109 became known as the Me-109, when the company was purchased by Willie Messerschmidt.

Don Meaker said...

Yes, the Brit navy investigated making a variety of structures out of Pycrete, a mixture of ice and sawdust. The sawdust provided insulation and tensile strength. In a moment of enthusiasm, after a comparative Ice vs. Pycrete axe demonstration, Montbatten tried to demonstrate the toughness of a block of it, and shot it with his pistol. The bullet glanced off and pinked Admiral King. 10 feet thick of pycrete would have resisted the torpedoes of that day.

Anna said...

Don, you almost got the Bf-109 right. What was the Z option? :)

As for pycrete, yeah when your back is against the wall - interesting things pop up. Glad Admiral King, CINCUS, did not suffer a fatal friendly fire incident.

Any guesses on the others?