Friday, January 25, 2008

Ken-droid, Wrong Again

I find it amusing that Ken Hoop, one of Mike's rezident trollski, finally took a look at my blog. Alas simple pictures seem to confuse him mightily.

As readers know, I am keeping at the top the flags of the United States and Israel as a constant reminder of the three soldiers kidnapped by Hizbollah and Hamas. Unfortunately with Nasrallah's latest sick boast of them keeping the body parts of Israeli soldiers as trophies, which is truly ghoulish and horrific, I doubt very much any of three are still alive. But until they are either released or their remains are returned, all anyone, including the families, can do is cling to a faint hope that is held hostage by monsters in the shape of men.

Now ol Ken there thinks those flags mean I am all for dual loyalty and spilling of more American blood for Israel. Which in Ken's little world is a very bad thing. Now this dual loyalty thing is a thorny issue since one can not serve two masters and do it well. Ken never has to worry about a clash of loyalties as long time readers of his diarrhea are aware of, Ken is a very proud soldier opposing American hegemony and the Zionists who really call the shots.

All I am doing is showing solidarity with Israeli citizens who want an accounting for their missing soldiers. Like the 8,000 MIA from Korea or those from VietNam or Speicher from Desert Storm, I will not forget these three soldiers.

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