Saturday, October 27, 2007

This Week on Democrats Unhinged

While thousands upon thousands of people deal with the wildfires in Southern California, it seems Democrats in Congress do not care about their suffering. It pains me mightily to say that, but what else is there to conclude when a new variant of the super SCHIP plan is introduced just before the witching hour Wednesday as many SoCal Representatives were back with their constituents to help them during this crisis. When Republicans lambasted this cheap manuever that would disenfranchise millions of voters in California, San Fran Nan and her allies brushed aside those concerns. What was that phrase? Oh yes, 'No taxation without representation.' And SCHIP is all about taxation, Pelosi and her power mad allies forget history at their peril.

The good news is President Bush has promised to veto this version of SCHIP just like he did the last version. And unlike Pelosi, President Bush visited California on Thursday to see how the battle was going and to ensure Federal help was properly deployed. More good news is the weather has moderated and so has the winds, which has allowed firefighters to better contain the fires even as the suspected arsonists responsible are apprehended.

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