Saturday, October 27, 2007

Winter Project Pt II

Still surveying all the pieces but it looks like the kit makers took their time engineering it. I won't have to worry too much about filling in seams when parts are joined, like the right hand once cleaned up and painted will merely slip into the open right sleeve under the cuff. About the only trick will be the hair, but that is typical of any figure kit.

I am also acquiring all the paints and supplies that will be needed. So far ten bottles of paint, new brushes, small round and half round files, new blades for X-Acto knife, and even some 23k gold paint. Suddenly I have to wonder if I will need a loan to finish this kit. (:

Also visited the hobby shop for the first time in years. Had known they had moved to a new mall but was surprised at how small the new place is. As I was checking out, asked if they still did contests. Alas they do not due to problems like someone swiping from one such contest a completely scratch-built lightsabre. Oh well there are still the anime conventions.

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