Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Little Horror for Halloween Pt I

This is merely the beginning of a story that I am writing, inspired by the season and to give me more practise writing. Culprit of the story will not be revealed, will leave it to the readers to guess. And hopefully will finish it before the witching hour of October 31.

Kim Kwan opened the door to the apartment and called out “Hsi-feng, I am home!” He did not care if the neighbors in similar apartments down the hall heard him since today had been spectacular for his career. His exhuberance stutters a bit when he hears nothing in reply, no squealing of happiness from his daughter nor are there any greetings from his wife or son.

“Hsi-feng! Jin! Mei?” Silence answers him still. He walks into the living room area while closing the door behind him. He looks but he sees no one save furniture. The beautiful sunset all in reds and purples and muaves to the west of Gimhe goes unnoticed as he walks past the balcony window and enters the bedrooms. Now the joy he felt has skittered down into worry, then he thinks that maybe they went shopping and are not back yet. Perhaps there is a note in the kitchen he thinks, this thought lifts his spirits as he imagines his wife shopping for something special for dinner. So he walks back towards the kitchen.

Then something tickels his nose and he stops in mid-stride as memories from his service in the Army crowd out thoughts of his family, thoughts of an accident on the grenade range in basic trainning. Fighting a queasy feeling in his stomach, he advances to the kitchen and crosses the doorway to stop again. His legs buckle from under him as he falls to the floor while his stomach tries to escape via his mouth, all the while he is screaming.


Mike's America said...

Culprit: Kim Jong Il?

Tom said...

A Chinese Tong (gang)?

ornery elephant said...


This is GREAT so far! I'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait for more.

p.s. if you could, check with 1redthread for my email address - i was "uninvited" from the Lounge (and blog) tonight so...I would like to be able to shoot you an email some time in the future. Keep up the wonderful writings my friend.

Anna said...

Now Mike, Kim Il Ding-Dong is a real threat. This is a Halloween story after all. The Tongs are a bit overused as bad guys Tom. But please keep the guesses flowing as I busily slave over the next part. :)

Ornery Elephant, just left the Lounge, Ginn and I are shocked at your ban. Would like to know the rest of the story. If you can still pull up my profile on LGF it has my email address.