Saturday, September 22, 2007

Columbia - Short Memory You Have

While Columbia gears up to welcome Ahmadinejad to prove how tolerant they are, ie in typical leftist clap-trap I am superior to you but I am nice so I will let you talk since what you say agrees with what I want to hear, lets remember a bit of recent history.

Back in 2003 a Canadian journalist, Zahra Kazemi, was arrested for being outside one of Iran's most infamous torture prisons - Evin prison. While incarcerated in the prison in question, she died via torture.

To put it more bluntly, the tyrannical regime of Iran murdered a foreign citizen who was a journalist via torture.

And Columbia, which is supposed to be a school of journalism, is going to allow the primary spokesman of the government of Iran to speak on their campus. Columbia is just mad.


Mike's America said...

I'm wondering if Code Pink will get front row seats reserved to protest Ahmadjihad's nuclear arms ambitions....

Code Pink is anti war aren't they?

Anna said...

Well judging by how the speeches went. Everyone who hates America lapped it up like lap-dogs. Even though he proved how insane he is. And I am getting sick of the meme, he is only the President and not really the power; well try and explain that to him he seems to think he has power. And Columbia, sheesh its like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to speak at a police academy graduation.

It is very dangerous to think that just because he is willing to talk means he is willing to be reasonable. Hitler talked alot. So did Mussolini. Look where that ended up.