Saturday, September 22, 2007

Walkabout the Internet

Just some interesting items I found online.

Neptune is suffering a rise in temperature, the Sun is the cause since the South Pole has been facing the Sun for the past 40 years. Just think, with 1/900th the amount of energy striking the planet, the temperature has risen 18 degrees. Failure to factor in solar energy into any global warming equation renders such an equation false.

Meanwhile we find out that Norman Hsu has seemingly bilked such Hollywood elite as Steven Spielberg and Tobey Maquire. Along with many others. San Jose Mercury News has the killer story, but have to register to get to it. So here is the link to Captain's Quarters story. Class action lawsuits and RICO just maybe in Hsu's future. Which means his associates just might get splashed with the mud also. This might be the Chernobyl of fundraising scandals.

Then there is this unusal story. Of a daughter who's father survived the Holocaust/Shoah and the large book he kept. This book is a seris of 30 paintings showing in haunting detail what it meant to be in such a concentration camp. Strangely enough, it was someone else who had done the paintings. What is still a mystery is how Arnold Unger, a 15 year old Jew from Poland, come into possession of art done by a fellow Pole - Michal Porulski, a Catholic, who had arrived at Dachau in 1941. Unger died in 1972 while Porulski died in 1989. Be interesting to see if anyone from Dachau days can fill in the missing holes.

And since Mila is starring in yet another Resident Evil film, Falco's Rock Me Amadeus set to footage from Mila and Bruce Willis' Fifth Element. Enjoy. :)


Mike's America said...

I'm just wondering about all these people who were supposedly conned by Norman Hsu.

Hsu just appears out of nowhere and people throw money at him?


He started making donations in 2003 at the same time donations were coming from mailorder company Lillian Vernon.

There are more "Hsus" to drop in this.

Anna said...

Oh yes, the waters around Hsu are murkier right now than those that once surrounded something called Whitewater.

Many more revelations I think are in the offering. 'Culture of corruption' indeed.