Friday, September 21, 2007

Ahmadinejad in the Big Apple

Well that scruffy looking evil embracing hate spewing maladroit from Iran has been denied, so far, the opportunity to visit Ground Zero in New York City. As for Columbia wanting him to speak, well they can fall into a singularity for all I care.

As for reason[s] for this desire to visit Ground Zero? Never ever believe in the goodness of the heart motive from a guy who calls for a new Holocaust/Shoah for the Jews. And says that the end of the world sounds appealing. Butter will not melt in this guy's mouth, though U-238 might.
  1. To spread discord. Check. Look at how some are embracing his idea of a visit while many are recoiling.
  2. By speaking at Ground Zero to confuse further the issue of Iran being an out of control regime. He could say some umbayah stuff to sound moderate and score points among: those opposing any action against Iran, the Non Aligned kleptocrats in the UN, and the Tranzis.
  3. By being denied a chance to talk at Ground Zero, it gives him further ammo for his speech attacking the United States inside that moral slum called the United Nations. Which will play nicely to all those countries who hate the United States, aka the Non-Aligned.

As for arresting this guy as some wish to do, it won't happen. The US is not part of the ICC and never will be as long as US citizens and politicians think of themselves Americans first, world citizens second. Also this mad little buffoon will be under Diplomatic Immunity which the chattering elites in Western countries think is more sacrosanct than church sanctuary ever was while ignoring how Iran violated those strictures when it seized the US and British embassies. If the US did nab him, in the game called politics, it would just increase his standing among those who think of the US as the world's one true evil. All we can hope for is his motorcade gets lost in Yonkers or breaks down near Little Odessa. Or the families of the Marines killed in Beirut in 1983 hire Blackwater or Dog the bounty hunter to put the bag on him to collect their $3billion in blood money.

Better to let this joik prance his 'our upon the UN stage like a ballerina that to give him more soapbox to stand on. He already has enough after this attempted to jaunt to Ground Zero.


ornery elephant said...

After looking at the cartoon (hahaha, i love it!)...it hit me.

Way back ...when President Bush coined the phrase "Axis of Evil" (now THAT wasn't clairvoyant at all, was it?)..perhaps it should have been the "Axis of Midgets."

I mean, has anyone else noticed the height challenges of both Ahmadinejad AND N. Korea's Kim Jong II ???

I'm starting to think it's some sort of "missile" envy.

Anna said...

Alot of people who think they are better than anyone else seem to seethe and growl because those cultural mongrels the Americans seem to hold sway over the whole world.

For the likes of the Persians who controlled a huge empire until Alexander the Great cut them down to size, its even worse. They had a history of sucess followed by thousands of years of being third-rate. And now a country that not even three centuries old is on top of the world, they can not accept that at all. So we get clash. Forks in the gears, but Iran better remember the gears are togher than the forks they stick in so Iran will get ground up.

Dee said...

It is frustrating that he is going to set foot on American soil and there is nothing we can do about it. I vote for Dog the Bounty hunter ;-)!!

Anna said...

Dee, Fox Reality. Filmed on location with Dog the Bounty Hunter. We see Dog arrest the President of Iran to secure a $3billion settlement.

Ratings would go through the roof! Besids in Islam dogs are unclean.

Anna said...

Or maybe use the Bounty Girls of Miami. That would set the tiny miscreant to ahowling.

Mike's America said...

I can fully understand why Ahmad wants to lay a wreathe at Ground Zero.

He wants to be the first Islamist to honor the hijackers.

Chip said...

Good cartoon.
Dog the Bounty pointing that mega-can of pepper-spray at the imps face does make me smile. Ahmadinejad is dancing into our country acting like he's representing the lollipop guild, yet we all know he's making suckers of us in the end.

Has New Yorker Sen. Clinton made a public statement about this hospitality issue? She was vocal about the World Trade Center, the War of Terror, and has taken large doses of money from Jewish people. Wouldn't we expect her to have something to say? Give that girl a mirophone.

Anna said...

The little bestial ballerina of hate and destruction certainly got to say his piece.

Mike, I owuld not have put it past him to try and do that.

Chip, Hillary dare not say anything least she alienate the MoveOn crowd. For someone who aspires to be President, she is awefully nuanced and two faced in her actions. Fact is, as the Hsudoggle proves, if it gets Hillary just 1 more vote she would sell her soul.