Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Say What?

I just stumbled across this article. Overall it is pretty good while missing a few hilarious tid-bits.

Every time a C-17 uses this assault strip at Camp Shelby, the plane's jet-blast effect upon landing and taxing blows all of the runway marker signs against the fences. I am assured by friends involved they are feverishly working on resolving this issue before something truly comical happens, like the Adjutant General getting smacked by a sign. Or something very serious, like one of the signs getting sucked into an engine.

But the howler in this article is buried at the end when the writer talks about what this assault strip can handle.
The runway can accommodate up to four aircraft, C-17 bombers, and helicopters.
I thought the C-17 was a transport, not a bomber. Someone needs to get fact-checked I think.

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