Wednesday, July 11, 2007

News Roundup

One can not have a quick look at the news without noting the passing of Lady Bird Johnson at the age of 94.
"I would have given anything to help her and there was nothing I could do to help her," Johnson said.
Johnson asked Kennedy, whose clothes were splattered with the blood of her husband, the slain president, if she could call for someone to assist her.
Johnson reported that Kennedy replied, "'I want them to see what they have done to Jack.'"

On a more positive note, the space shuttle OV-105 Endeavour is being prepped for a mission twenty years delayed when OV-99 Challenger exploded 70 seconds after lift-off. Along with being a mission to the International Space Station; Endeavour will be carrying another teacher into space, Barbara Morgan. God speed Endeavour.

The budget defecit is shrinking faster than President Bush expected this past February, by September it will have shrunk to $205 billion. But Congress is wanting to extensively expand programs while repealing tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003, President Bush is threatening to use his veto power to kill these massive increases in spending.

If we do not hear of an Osama bint Laden tape within the next two to four weeks, I think the United States can declare a 'mission accomplished.' I can say this after reading that Osama's fourth son has married a British divorcee. If this does not raise Osama from whatever moldering grave he lies in, nothing will. Especially when the divorcee, Jane Felix-Brown, is 51 and Omar is only 27.

And it seems the Big Dig in Boston has turned into a Big Can of Worms. The massive concrete ceiling panels that fell and killed a couple in 2006 were the result of widespread complacency and mis-understanding it seems from all involved in the project according to the NTSB. But I really want to know who all the people are who gave the OK on using ceiling panels in the Big Dig that are more massive than other such panels that used the suspect epoxy, there lies the true culprit it seems. The United States has seen such a tragedy before in Kansas City, where one design item was changed from continuous support rods to one set of rods supporting one walkway and then running a different set of rods through the same box to support the walkway beneath, thereby increasing the load born by the boxes and hastening the tragic failure that killed many people.


Mike's America said...

"Felix-Browne said she has become Omar bin Laden's second wife"

hmmm... Does that mean OBL Jr. divorced the first one... or she died.... or is Felix-Browne just #2 in the harem?

Anna said...

Or is that haram? I think she is Omar's ticket to England, which means the rest of the harem will soon follow.