Thursday, July 12, 2007

Learn Nothing Democrats

Not content with having their posteriors royally kicked by previous failed attempts at forcing President Bush into a withdrawl timetable for Iraq, today Pelosi tried it again.

Like the emergency funding bill that took over 100 days and a veto before passage and Feingold's attempt to force an unrealistic April withdrawl deadline, President Bush promises to veto this if it gets passed by the Senate.

What passed today in the House by 223 Yeas to 201 Nays is a withdrawl from Iraq by April 2008. The meat, well actually call it the tofu, of the bill attempts to please the Cindy Sheehan wing of the Democrat Party and the Blue Dog wing of the Democrat Party by being deliberately vague on how big the residual force is to be once a majority of American combat power is pulled out along with Coaliton forces by that aribitrary deadline.

Four Republicans voted for this pull-out in the House while ten Democrats voted against it. Looking at an article in CQ, the Republicans came off light as they were expecting 17 defections over this.

Rep. John Shadegg in his speech against this bill alludes to something that should have set off alarm bells in the Democrats forcing this to a vote. This very vagueness by Democrats too cowardly to state up front they want the US to lose and millions of Iraqis to die as their country is ripped apart by Syria, Iran, and Turkey harkens back to another protracted struggle that the United States struggled to find an honorable solution and all the country got was anguish and millions murdered.
That the Congress approves and supports the determination of the President, as Commander in Chief, to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression. ... Section 3. This resolution shall expire when the President shall determine that the peace and security of the area is reasonably assured by international conditions created by action of the United Nations or otherwise, except that it may be terminated earlier by concurrent resolution of the Congress.

The new resolution is much like the one I quoted above in that it gives the President broad lattitude in his actions as Commander in Chief. But unlike this earlier resolution, this Democrat controlled Congress is not willing to step forward as a previous Congress did, revoke the laws President Bush has used to topple Saddam Hussein, and help install a democratic government in Iraq.

If I did not consider this bill a recipe for suicide I would urge the Senate to pass it and President Bush to sign it, and then use its very vagueness to run a skeer right through the yellow livers of all those who voted for it.

In case anyone is interested to know what resolution I am quoting from, please go here. Santayana I think had Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their minions in mind when he coined his quote. All because these people are too focused on their little pictures while muttering Tip O'Neil's famous mantra of 'All politics is local.'


Mike's America said...

The Democrats seem hell bent to squander their majority on meaningless and irrelevant legislation which stands NO CHANCE of becoming law.

No wonder Congress is at an all time low in opinion polls.

Anna said...

This has been the most vicious, frivolous, and money wasting Congress ever I think.

Listening to the newly released Nixon tapes, the mindset of the modern Democrats is strangely similar to the Nixon on those tapes. Pogo-ville.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Ditto what Mike said!! Also, I have no use for these Democrats and the weak kneed Republicans who voted for this ridiculous bill.

Anna said...

weak-knee, shortsighted, yellow-belly - all spring to mind.

And tonight Harry Reid is having a Senatorial sleep-over to address this serious matter of running away in Iraq. No word of what Ted Kennedy is wearing to this slumber party. Nor do I care as they make cheap points.