Saturday, July 14, 2007

Asad's New Palace

I am only half-jesting with the above title. I would really think Asad and his henchmen would feel right at home at this place just recently back in the news.

Masyaf castle located in Syria has just recently been excavated and partially restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. What makes this castle infamous is its former ruler, the Old Man of the Mountain, who was the leader of the Assasins sect.

The man who ordered the assassination of Hariri would fit right in, but I bet he would feel a mite nervous considering the fate of the Assassins. They are extinct and only a footnote duly noted by scholars of the Crusades. Which is where the Ba'athist tyranny of Asad deserves to follow - an extinct footnote.

And please do read the article. While it does talk about the killer reputation of the Assassins, from other sources more fueled by drug induced delirium, as killers who almost got Saladin and their castle redoubt. It also relates how Rashid Al-Din Sinan also tried to spread the belief system of one sect of Islam called Nizari Ismail of which modern adherents take the Aga Khan as their spiritual leader.

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