Sunday, June 24, 2007

More on the Middle East

If anyone has wondered what would have happened if the crime gangs had taken over Chicago, one just has to look at Gaza and the West Bank.

Giving Abbas of Fatah more money is just repeating what has been tried before and failed. Perhaps time to break the paradigm and let Fatah go under at the bloody hands of Hamas if they can't defend themselves. Terrorists killing terrorists should be a win-win for the whole world as it removes killers from the gene pool. All that is being done now is perpetuating the slow bleed strategy, that some feel is better than full out war, that will in all liklihood result in more deaths than a rapid war against just Hamas.

After thirty years UNIFIL has suffered its first ever fatalities as two Spanish peacekeepers are killed in a roadside bomb that wounds others. One has to wonder which terrorist group is trying to clear the field before starting something along Israel's northern border.

The three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by terrorists last year remain missing, keep them in one's prayers.

And off in Iraq, Saddam's relative Chemical Ali has been sentenced to hanging for using chemical weapons to kill Kurds. I just hope this hanging is kept off the cell-phone cameras and Al-Sadr thugs are kept out also.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

The Middle East is a mess as always!! I do wonder if it wouldn't be better to just let Hamas and Fatah fight it out.

Anna said...

Well we have tried to prop up Fatah after thinking Yassir Arafat, PLO terrorist, could be rehabilitated. That has proven wrong. So why not let Israel and Egypt seal up the walls they have as borders with Gaza, and let the savages sort themselves out. Once that is done, let the IDF sweep in to restore order while killing the victors of the gang war between Fatah and Hamas.