Sunday, June 24, 2007


I am simply amazed at this story. This should be a 'Drama in Real Life' story in Readers' Digest.

A man, Chris Everhart, was camping with his three sons in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia when a black bear came into their camp and started to drag their cooler back into the forest. Six year old Logan Everhart then hurled a shovel at the bear so the bear turned and came back. Here is the courageous part and shows how much love a father has for his children. Chris picked up a piece wood from the firewood pile and threw it at the bear. Think about that and ask yourself, would you without hesitation do the same thing and possibly sacrificing yourself for your child? The Divine must have been looking out for Chris and his family as the log hit the bear in the head and killed it.

Of course such a heroic deed must not go unpunished. In an act proving the legal bureaucrat is not a natural creature possessing a heart, Chris Everhart was ticketed for not securing his campsite. You heard me right, they are saying it's Chris' fault for provoking the bear. I hope when this gets to court, it is laughed out as being insane. If he did fail to secure his site, then he already paid a price far greater than any fine.

I say if since in Utah an 11 year old boy, Sam Ives, was dragged from his tent screaming and killed by a black bear. His family says there was no food in the child's tent that could have attracted a bear. And for an example of provoking a bear, an American tourist was killed in Romania by a bear irritated by the flashes and a pack of dogs.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Our animal laws are insane!!

Anna said...

I agree. This guy needs a medal for courage. I really hope someone higher up in the bureacracy will realize how much a lose-lose this a**ine ticket for 'failing to secure' the campsite and revoke it. Then I hope the father fights, gets it into court, and proceeds to eviscerate the mis-guided idiot who ticketed him.