Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Last Normal Class

To kick off Memorial Day I stumbled across this little fact while reading one of the PT boat books I had ordered. The book is called Lt. Ted Meredith, USNR, PT Boat Officer - Stories from 50 years ago.
That summer 850 of the 1,000 men in the Harvard class of 1942, the "last normal class", went into the armed services. - pg 16

Why they are called the Greatest Generation. I think they earned it.


Mike's America said...

The "last normal class" at Harvard was in 1942?

Sounds about right to me.

Happy Memorial Day!

Anna said...

Just shows how the 'intelligensia' of the United States has lost its compass. They no longer recognize what evil is. I guess I need to find out what the percentage of Harvard graduates have volunteered to fight this new war. I seriously doubt it is anywhere near 85%. To be pessimistic, I would be shocked if the last 6 graduating classes contributed 10% overall.