Sunday, May 27, 2007

Keeping Memorial Day Sacred

I will let the national Commander of the American Legion Paul Morin explain why Memorial Day should not be used as yet another red shirt moment by anyone.

We Americans need to remember why Memorial Day is special. It's not about picnics or trips to the beach. It's not about making pro- or anti-war statements. It's not about supporting political candidates. It's about honor, duty and the ultimate sacrifice. It's about people who have decided that the United States is worth dying for.

Meanwhile in Iraq, American forces liberated 42 civilians from the sadistic and brutal clutches of Al-Qaeda. I would call this a moment akin to the first American forces arriving at the gates of a concentration camp nestled in a German forest. And why the likes of Al-Qaeda and the Mahdi Army are the true purveyors of evil and suffering, not the United States military as some imply for selfish reasons.

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